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These Conditions of Use regulate the use on the part of the users of the contained pages Web in the site in Internet www. J&Gelegancecars.com (in ahead website). This site in Internet can be visited freely by the users.

Navigation by the pages Web, as well as the use of the gratuitous services that could be rendered by www. J&Gelegancecars.com through Internet, attributes the condition of user and entails the total acceptance and without reserves of the present Conditions of Use. www. J&Gelegancecars.com, through his website, facilitates to the users the access to the content and the use of diverse services made available by www. J&Gelegancecars.com or third suppliers of services and contents. The user accepts voluntarily that the use of these takes place, in any case, under his only and exclusive responsibility.

The user commits itself to read the present Conditions of Use each one of the occasions that he tries to accede to website.


The user commits itself to use the contents and the services of diligente, correct, allowed form and of conformity to the Law and the present Conditions of Use. In individual, he commits himself not to use the contents with an opposite purpose to the Law, moral or public order; not to reproduce or to copy, not to distribute, not to allow the public access, not to transform and not to modify any type of content of website, with the exception that he counts on authorization it express and in any type of support, or physical or logical, of www. J&Gelegancecars.com or with express authorization, in its case, of the legitimate holder of the rights on the contents before mentioned.


All type of content including in website is protected by the Spanish and international laws on intellectual property and industrial property.

In individual, the users and other people whom they love to explode, to reproduce, to distribute publicly, to communicate and to transform the contents including in website will have to make it with the previous authorization of www. J&Gelegancecars.com or, in their case, of its legitimate holder and always making these performances of good faith and following the directives of the present Conditions of Use, as well as of the Law, moral and public order.

Any sign, denomination or any other right of industrial property that distinguishes or serves to distinguish products and services of www. J&Gelegancecars.com in the market are property of this company. For the use of such in the market on the part of third that is not www. J&Gelegancecars.com one will be due to count on the express authorization of the same one.

In individual, the users and other people whom they love to establish a communication or Link between his site in Internet and website of www. J&Gelegancecars.com will have to make it of good faith and following the directives of the present Conditions of Use, as well as of the Law, moral and public order. In special the hyperconnection he will have to allow the access to the pages of website of www. J&Gelegancecars.com but they could not be reproduced of any form. Any hyperconnection of website from www. J&Gelegancecars.com to places will not be able to settle down where information or illicit contents are had including, opposite to the moral or public order. The establishment of the Link does not imply, in no case, the existence of relations between www. J&Gelegancecars.com and the legitimate proprietor of the page where it settles down, nor the acceptance and approval on the part of www. J&Gelegancecars.com of its contents or services.

In any case www. J&Gelegancecars.com reserve to undertake the opportune legal actions in case of confusion acts, deceit, denigración, comparison, imitation, operation of the other people reputation, incorporation of hidden references in sites of Internet detrimental for www. J&Gelegancecars.com or any other analogous or similar conduct that harms its legitimate rights of industrial property.

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